, Accommodation

Are you looking for unique travel experiences, all-around high quality service combined with great comfort? We are pleased to offer our houseboat trips - a great way to spend a unique holiday in Finland, full of adventures, exploring the natural environment, and learning new skills. All our houseboats are new and modern, built up in 2017-2021. With a Houseboat you can easily get to great fishing and wildlife watching spots or discover different Finnish villages, islands and towns along the lakes. ► You are the captain and you decide where and when you want to go – your comfortable home is always with you. ► Our Houseboats have a low hull, so it is easy to float close to the shore or over shallow passages. They are sturdy which provides a calm and safe motion. ► Rental of our high-class and well-equipped Houseboat is an excellent choice for families or groups of friends. ► Comforts of a home travel with you on this houseboat with a modern outlook, including a WiFi-connection which covers almost all of the lake area. ► Houseboat accommodates 2-8 people, depending on the model. Please pay attention that our starting and changing days are Mondays and Fridays and minimum rental period is 3 nights: Friday - Monday.