The agreement

The conditions of rental are between the renter and the rent provider. These terms and conditions apply to any booking that the renter makes with us and should therefore be read carefully. They contain some exclusions and limitations of liability.

The contract is deemed to have been made once the renter has paid a deposit. The renter must be over 18 years at the time of booking. The renter must possess the legal capacity and authority to make the booking and accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of everyone in their party. The renter shall be obliged to bring these terms and conditions of the contract to the other passengers.

1. Booking and paying a Houseboat

1.1. The Houseboats can be booked by contacting us in some of the following ways:
• Via our website at our webstore (
• By contacting directly our sales team over the telephone or e-mail in regular working hours
• Through an approved travel agent.

1.2. The renter must be over 18 years at the time of booking. The renter must possess the legal capacity and authority to make the booking and accepts these terms and conditions on behalf of everyone in their party. The renter shall be obliged to bring these terms and conditions of the contract to the other passengers.

1.3. The rent rate includes Houseboat’s rent according to the contract in the specified complete set, the equipment according to the list, extra activities or services, 1 hour-long captain’s course and returnable security deposit according to the contract.

1.4. The minimum rental period in each season is 4 nights.

1.5. After booking, the renter receives a preliminary confirmation of the booking and then, after checking and accepting the confirmation, the renter is expected to make an advance payment, of not less than 50% of the total amount within 7 days. If you are booking within 4 weeks (28 days) of departure, full payment must be made at the time of booking in our webstore/contacing our sales team for further assistance. Once a booking has been confirmed, offers and discounts cannot be applied retrospectively.

1.6. If the Renter does not fulfill advance payment condition, the booking will be removed. Final payment for rent has to be carried out not later than 28 days before the start date

1.7. If the booking is made through an agent, all contact with you will be via them according to their policies. If you need to reach us directly, you can contact our sales team with futher assistance.

1.8. Payment methods include a bank transfer or a direct payment in our webstore. If you decide to book extras during your arrival, they can be paid by a credit card on the base.

1.9. If you need to change your booking (for example arrival date, houseboat type) after payment, we’ll charge 50€ as serving fee per each booking.

1.10. Our staff will be happy to advice you with any conditions affecting your booking, so please let us know any conditions, medical or otherwise, which would affect your journey.

1.11. Note that as booking arrangements other than a package holiday (as defined in the finnish law of Package Tours Regulations 901/2017), the bookings made will not be financially protected.

1.12. The security deposit of 2 500€ should be paid by the renter to the rent provider on the start date of the rent of Houseboat by cash or the credit card. The Security Deposit will be taken as a pre-authorisation on your credit card prior to embarkation and if you do not pay, we reserve the right to cancel your booking without further liability and without any right to a refund. The rent provider will return the damage deposit after the trip as stated in 2.4.

1.13. The other option is to buy a charter insurance that covers the damages until 3000€. Over 3 000€ the damages are covered by the Houseboat’s insurance. For more information and buying, visit Pantaenius website

2. Renter’s liability

2.2. The renter is obligated to make the security deposit of 2 500€ until the rental start which compensates the following types of damages:

2.3. Compensation for the damage caused to the equipment or Houseboat during rent;

2.4. Compensation of the damage caused by loss of parts of the equipment, finishing and accessories;

2.5. In case of causing damage to Houseboat and the equipment on board during the rent period on fault of the renter, as a result of: rough negligence, deliberate illegal actions, management of Houseboat under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances, criminal intention or violation of provisions of the lease, the renter is obliged to compensate an overall cost of the caused damage;

2.6. Renter’s exemption from liability:

2.7. The Renter is exempted from any liability at a loss occurrence when the rent provider receives full compensation of damage on an insurance.

2.8. The rent provider will return the security deposit in a week (7 days) after the holiday, if the houseboat and its equipment has been returned without damages. In case of damages, lost items, or maintenance work done by the staff after renter’s left the houseboat, we’ll charge the reimbursable amount according to our service/repair work prices and the value of parts/fuel/new items needed from the deposit and return the leftover amount of it, if other paying arrangements are not agreed with the renter. We’ll contact the renter about each situation before charging the damage deposit.

3. Duties of the renter

3.1. The renter is obliged to pay attention and take care of the operation of Houseboat, equipment and furnishings on board and carefully follow instructions.

3.2. The captain of Houseboat, appointed by the renter, has to have a sufficient knowledge and skills of management and navigation, to bear responsibility for observance of safety rules on water by all crewmembers. If the skipper or crewmembers change during the trip, the renter has to negotiate about that with the rent provider beforehand. After accepting the Houseboat by getting instructions and signing the rental agreement, the captain is in charge of the Houseboat in every occasion during the rental period. We highly recommend having at least two adults on board.

3.3. The renter is responsible for safety of the property entrusted to him. It is strictly forbidden to leave Houseboat without the supervision, not closed on the lock.

3.4. Houseboat is provided for rent with the complete list of equipment on-board and filled the fuel tank. At Houseboat’s receiving in rent, the renter is obligated to check existence of any damages and to record them in writing form at the moment of Houseboat’s receiving in the presence of the rent provider with the indication of time and a place, in order to avoid any further disagreements. If at the moment of getting Houseboat in rent the existing damage is not fixed and recorded in writing, it will be considered received during the rent and will be shown to the renter by the rent provider for compensation of damage.

3.5. The number of passengers on board may not exceed the maximum amount of passengers the houseboat is licensed for.

3.6. The houseboats are available for occupation from 16.00/4pm on the first day of the holiday and must be returned by 11.00/11am on the last day. If the renter arrives after 6pm/18.00, there will be 100€ fee for late check-in. Customer can ask earlier check-in/ late check-out beforehand as an extra service. We’ll keep the rights reserved to follow the original arrival/return schedule, if the situation demands it. If the houseboat is occupied earlier than 16.00/4pm or returned after 11.00/11 am, we’ll charge extra fee of 100€/hour during check-in.

3.7. The renter is not allowed to rent the houseboat to the third party.

3.8. Pets are not allowed to enter to houseboats.

4. Duties of the rent provider

4.1. The rent provider is obliged to provide Houseboat for rent in full technical serviceability, after cleaning and according to the contract on a place and time of transfer to rent.

4.2. The rent provider is obliged to provide the renter with sufficient volume of information on management and Houseboat’s service, to provide training and to provide maintenance instructions in contract language.

4.3. If the renter receives Houseboat in an inadequate order, which is not subject to correction in the shortest time, or in violation of the contract on a place and time of transfer to rent, it can apply for decrease in a rental fee or dissolve the contract.

5. Insurance policy

5.1. Houseboat is completely insured.

5.2. Terms of insurance include the deductible of 2 500€ and are specified in the insurance contract

5.3. The insurance does not cover injuries, equipment breakage, damage to finish or the lost household goods.

6. Renter’s liability for actions in case of damages, accidents or thefts

6.1. The renter is obliged to notify immediately the rent provider and police in case of an accident or theft, thus the rent provider will instruct the renter about necessary further actions

6.2. The renter is obliged to notify the rent provider immediately a damage occurs in a Houseboat for any reason, to take necessary measures for elimination of damage and to prevent further damage. If a crewmember is injured, the notification has to be made to the public-safety answering point.

6.3. If the renter neglects the mentioned requirements and does not notify police or public-safety answering point and the rent provider in time, he bears full responsibility for the occurred damage.

7. Responsibility of the rent provider

7.1. In case of technical failure or emergence of other malfunctions on Houseboat during the rent, not because of the renter, the rent provider is obliged to make the best efforts for correction of the arisen malfunctions in the shortest time. In case of the serious technical breakages which have led to impossibility of further operation of Houseboat (occurred not because of the renter fault) and the impossibility of
granting on replacement to another houseboat – the lease contract can be stopped, and the renter has the right for return of money for unused time of rent under the contract.

7.2. The rent provider does not bear responsibility for the indirect losses caused by malfunction of Houseboat.

7.3. The rent provider’s maximum amount of indemnity for any losses is equal to the rent size during rent.

7.4. If the renter doesn’t report in due time about malfunction, the rent provider doesn’t bear the damage liability, caused by this.

8. Contract change or cancellation conditions

8.1. The rent provider has the right to terminate the lease contract if it is found out that, the renter violates terms of the contract or that the renter by an objective assessment of the rent provider, is not able to manage Houseboat operation. The rent provider doesn’t compensate the expenses of the renter.

8.2. The rent provider has the right to terminate the present contract for force majeure reasons prior to the beginning of rent term. The renter in this case has the right for full return of cost of rent. The rent provider doesn’t compensate any indirect expenses of the renter.

8.3. The renter has the right to demand contract cancellation because of force majeure circumstances prior to the beginning of rent term. If the rent provider receives a written cancellation requirement from the renter more than 28 days before rent start date, the renter has the right for return of the paid cost of rent minus the service fee. In case rent provider receives the written cancellation requirement less than in 28 days prior to rent start date, the rent provider doesn’t compensate renter’s expenses, the period of rent isn’t subject to be moved.

8.4. If the renter demands contract cancellation for any reason, except specified in the subparagraph (8.3), he has no right for reimbursement, same concerns no show cancellation in day of the beginning of rent. If the rent provider finds a replacing customer the expenses of the cancelled customer will not be compensated.

8.5. If the renter requests major changes for the original booking (booked from us directly), such as changing the arrival/leaving day or Houseboat type, we’ll charge 50€ as service fee per change of a booking. We reserve the right for not completing the changes requested, if the booking situation doesn’t allow them.

9. Fuel, additional equipment and houseboat’s operation

9.1. The renter pays the fuel consumed during the period of rent. Maintenance work can be done independently and fuel tank can be filled by renter before returning the houseboat. Our staff will be glad to help with maintenance work during check-out, if needed. If the renter leaves and fuel tank is not filled or septic tank not emptied, we’ll charge the fuel needed and 100€ for additional maintenance service.

9.2. The rent provider specifies the used fuel type to the renter, according to technical parameters.

9.3. The renter bears responsibility for the caused damage as a result of use of the wrong fuel.

9.4. The renter is obligated to carry out regular technical procedures to check out work of the equipment during the rental time: amounts of engine oil, liquids, visual control of a condition of the case of Houseboat, and also cleanness on Houseboat during the rent.

9.5. The renter is obligated to return the houseboat in good and clean condition. The rent doesn’t include the towels and bed linen. The renter can ask for bed linen and towels before arriving. The rent cost of towels and bed linen are 25€ per person and cleaning service is 100€ which is included to rental fee. If the houseboat is in bad condition when it’s returned, the rent provider will charge extra 100€ fee for additional cleaning costs.

9.6. If the barbeque is returned in bad condition (for example, very dirty), we’ll charge 50€ for additional cleaning costs.

9.7. Captain’s course of 1 hour (includes training of driving the Houseboat, instructions for technical items and other equipment and planning and recommendations for the route according to requested preferences) is included to the price of the rental. If the renter request additional training besides that, we’ll charge 50€ for each additional training hour.

10. Houseboat’s return after rent

10.1. Houseboat has to be returned in the coordinated place after the stipulated time period of rent. Houseboat has to be transferred by the renter to rent provider after rent term in good condition, with clean rooms and the deck, the empty recycling bins and septic tank, the basic cleaning and a full fuel tank.

10.2. Return takes place within the stipulated term and rent time;

10.3. If the renter returns Houseboat before the expiration of the stipulated term of rent, return of payment for unused time is not made;

10.4. If the renter violates subparagraph 10.1 conditions, the rent provider has the right to demand additional for arisen expenses in connection with violation of term, time of rent or Houseboat’s order;

10.5. The renter undertakes to inform to the rent provider on all operational defects during rent (the fused lamps, unclear noise, smells etc.).

11. Territory of operation of Houseboat

11.1. The exit for the operation territory is forbidden.

12. Smoking on board

12.1. Smoking is strictly forbidden inside. In case of smoking inside the Houseboat the renter has to pay a penalty of 2 500€.

13. Settlement of disputes

13.1. If disputes can’t be resolved by negotiations between the renter and the rent provider, the renter can submit a complaint to society of consumers. If disagreements are subject to the judgment, consideration of the complaint has to happen in a place of registration of the rent provider.

Payment Service Provider (for bookings made in webstore)

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