Slowing down in the land of a thousand lakes

Finns are experts in slow living!

As the nature is always close to the Finnish cities, espacing to the green forests and blue lakes offers a perfect get-away.


How to slow down in the Finnish way

Finns have naturally a close relationship with nature. When it’s time to take off from the hectic lifestyle, Finns head out to enjoy the nature. In the country of 5 million inhabitants, there are over half million privately owned cottage or leisure houses, often located near by a lake. It means that the secret to fully slow down and rest, is to get simple – going to the Finnish nature is all about going back to the roots.

Enjoy the simple pleasures – catch a fish from the clean waters, watch the swan couple passing you on the way and warm up your wooden-heated sauna and jump to the lake for a refreshing swim. You’ll soon find out the appreciation of the “art of doing nothing” – just sit at the deck of the sun-warmed deck and dip your toes to the pure water and you’ll see!

Discover how staying in complete silence, with no distractions feels like. Often, in the rush-filled lifestyle, we don’t even realize the daily noise we’re subjected to. Enjoying the Finnish nature is a great way to go offline and find the peace of mind, to tune into yourself and get loaded with energy and new creativeness!

Feel the nature with all your senses

The Finnish lakes have countless number of small islands, some of which no one has visited before. How would it feel to spend a warm summer day at a stunning island on your way and to discover the complete peace and the beauty of the untouched nature? The Finnish Everyman’s rights allow you to freely explore the new lands and enjoy its natural super food – the wild berries, grown by the artict nature.

Some of the world’s last wilderness regions can be found from Finland, which makes it also possible to watch rare wild animals at their natural surroundings.

You can experience the diversity of nature by using all your senses. Enjoy the colorful nature landscapes and hear the calm waves at the shore, or a little bird singing somewhere near you. Listen the silence, as there are no traffic, or no one else to be heard. Be charmed by the natural scents of the wild forest and taste the fresh flavour of it. Wander to the hills, to enjoy the spectacular views ahead of you. Really feel the ground under you.

Make ever-lasting memories at the waters of Lake Päijänne and Lake Keitele!

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