The most beautiful part of the Finnish Lakeland

You may have heard about Finland being the country of thousands of lakes. This is a very true statement, as one tenth of the country is made up of lakes, rivers and ponds. All in all, there are 187 888 lakes to explore!

Lake Päijänne is the second largest lake in Finland with the size of 1080 km2. Päijänne is located in the Finnish Lakeland, which is Europe’s largest lake disctrict. Päijänne is one of the most popular boating, canoeing and sailing attractions of Finland. In the summertime, Päijänne turns into a blue and green labyrinth of islands, forests, lakes and rivers.

Lake Keitele, in turn, is famous for its rocky, more bare nature. As the locals say, it could be called as “tiny Lapland” – there’s something majestetic in the more wild side of the Lakeland. 493 km2 of the clear and pure water in the lake is in excellent condition – if you’re looking for a take-off from the city traffic, there’s no better destination to sail to! No wonder the landspaces of Lake Keitele were a great inspiration for one of Finland’s most famous modern painter, Akseli Gallen-Kallela.

Houseboats leave from the Jyväskylä harbour and can take you to Lakes Päijänne and Keitele through canals. The harbour is adjacent to the train and bus station (”Jyväskylä Travel Centre”) making an easy connection to your houseboat from anywhere in Finland.

From our boating map, you can find a lot of interesting destinations from the stunning beaches to the national parks!

map_houseboat_jkl  Jyväskylä / HouseBoat

map_info  Jyväskylä tourist information


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