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Do you need more action for your holiday? We rent light motor boats for your holiday.

Different kind of motor boats are an excellent choice for shallow water areas and getting to know the places that are impossible to access with the houseboat. They are also a great way to explore the Finnish lakes, rivers, islands and beaches.

Lightweight dinghies are easy to use and that’s why they suit well from the beginners to the advanced users. Rib and aluminium boats offer both excitement of speed and peaceful way to explore various Finnish nature. Boats are excellent choice for fishing. Visiting a grocery store or taking care of business doesn’t cause a problem with these boats because you don’t necessary need a berth. You can fit several people in these boats.

Boats for rental

RIB boat 9,9 hp or 15 hp85€/day
Dinghy 2,5 hp42€/day
Dinghy 25 hp85€/day
Aluminium boat 9,9 hp78€/day

Marko Tervonen / Visit Finland

Speed up with a jet ski

Jet ski is an excellent choice for shallow water areas and getting to know the places that are impossible to access with the houseboat. They are also a great way to explore the Finnish lakes, rivers, islands and beaches.
Steering a jet ski is as easy as steering a motorbike. You just need to turn the handlebars to go one way or the other. You can fit one to three people on the jet ski. This is a perfect choice if you are looking for an excitement of speed. Jet ski accelerates easily and that’s why you need to be extra careful with steering.

Hour50 €
Whole day200€

Experience the foams of Finnish rapids

Rapids adventure at Kuusaankoski rapids

Experience the wild foams of Kuusaankoski rapids! The adventure includes  a wire slide, tightrope walking and a rapids ride.

Duration of adventure: 1,5h.
Price: 45€/person (minimum amount 4 persons).

Alternatively fewer checkpoints can be booked.

Rapids ride 18€/person or
wire slide and rapids ride 30€/person.

Foams of Kapeenkoski rapids

Experience the foams of Kapeenkoski rapids by  rubber ferry or rapids sled!

Duration of adventure: 1-1,5h.
A guide and equipment included.
by rubber ferry 20€/person (minimum charge 120€)
by rapids sled! 50€/hlö (minimum charge 200€)

Three rapids safari

Have the ultimate experience of Central Finland’s rapids 0n Three rapids safari!  On the safari you’ll undergo Simunankoski rapids, Kapeenkoski rapids ja Kuusaankoski rapids. Short transitions are made by a Land Rover Defender jeep or a small bus. Packed luches are served during the safari. A guide and equipment are included.

Duration of adventure: 4 hours
Price: 130€/person

Experience the maximum speed ashore

In the city of Jyväskylä, rally driving has a huge impact on the culture of the area. The partial race of World Rally Championship is held between July-August and it has long roots up to year 1951. Back then, the event was known by name “Jyväskylän Suurajot”, Jyväskylä Grand Prix. The race has a reputation of being challenging for non-nordic drivers; only five drivers outside of Finland or Sweden has ever won it. It is also the fastest event in the World Rally Championship and one of the most popular public events in Nordic countries. It is no wonder that the race has often granted the honor of being the best world championship rally event in the world! Every year, there are over 270 000 people wondering the speed.

This is why we would like to offer a chance for our customers to experience the speed themselves. Perälä Rally team offers rally rides or alternatively the chance to drive a rally car on your own. The rally driving experience is available in Joutsa and in the track center of Joutsa area (45 min from Jyväskylä). Our driving events are always very carefully considered packages according to customer’s wishes. We also offer VIP-packages to the World Rally Championship event in Jyväskylä.

Our services available:

  • Planning schedules
  • Transports
  • Sauna experiences
  • Buffet catering
  • Company presents
  • In car camera
  • Team clothing
  • Photography from the event
  • Traffic and event insurances are provided by the service organizer

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