Experience the local culture attractions

Sail along waterways with a houseboat and experience culture attractions near Lake Päijänne!


Sail with a houseboat to explore Alvar Aalto’s production near Lake Päijänne

Explore the legendary architect Alvar Aalto’s production from his earliest works through to achievements in the latter stages of his career by sailing on the Lake of Päijänne with a houseboat. Following the master’s architect’s footsteps, we travel from classicism to functionalism, from brick architecture to monumentalism. The most comprehensive selection of buildings designed by Alvar Aalto can be found in the Jyväskylä region. Items are located in the city center of Jyväskylä and in the villages nearby where you can travel along waterways with a boat like Alvar Aalto himself did back in the days when there was the absence of a road connection.

Stay in the uniqueness of the houseboat surrounded by the lake, and sail to the Lake Päijänne to explore the Alvar Aalto’s most impressive attractions such as the Experimental house at Muuratsalo, the Church of Muurame and Säynätsalo Townhouse, which are considered to be some of the most significant work of Alvar Aalto. The colourful stages of the master’s life can be explored in the Alvar Aalto Museum and from the museum shop you will be able to buy homecoming gifts.

Get to know the local culture attractions

In the Toivola old courtyard, you can take a journey back to the time when the clattering of hooves was a familiar sound in the narrow streets, and the townscape was dominated by low blocks of wooden houses with their gates and courtyards. Toivola Old Courtyard consists of beautiful wooden buildings from the late nineteenth century, a cosy café, a museum and adorable small shops.

During your houseboat holiday, visit local galleries and museums and get to know the local handcarft, art and design. In the Korpilahti harbour is located the art gallery Steam-Gallery. The building is from the early 20th century and it used to be a steam sawmill. You will be able to get to know the art on the upper floor of the building, as well as in an old carpenter shop. On the ground floor there is an enamel wood shop, where you can buy some souvenirs for your home.

The sense of history in the Lakeland

The sense of history holiday offers peace and serenity for your holiday. Travel within the Finnish lakes in your own pace and at the same time accommodate in a first class summer house. While exploring the Finnish lakes you will be able to see many historical attractions on your way.

We offer you a chance to escape from busy everyday life to Finnish lakes and freedom of travel. Just imagine sitting in the deck of a Houseboat with your toes in a pure Finnish lake water in a warm, quiet summer night with midsummer light throughout the night. Or on a hot summer day when you can just anchor next to the islet and dip a swim into clear and cooling water.

During your journey you may stop over to a beach nearby and get to know the villages on your way. During this holiday you will experience the nature and history that only the lakes and nature in Middle-Finland can offer.

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