Your pets are part of the family.
Who would want to go on a holiday without their trusted friend?


Pets are welcome

Houseboats are an ideal way to spend holiday with your pet. Pets are welcome on most of our houseboats.

A houseboat holiday on the Finnish lakes would also be an enjoyable experience for your animal friend. Most dogs like to swim, lie in the sun and walk along the lake shore. Just like you, pets sleep easily to the calm rocking of the houseboat.

Pets are included in the Houseboats safety plan, but you can also prepare your pets by equipping them with their own life-vests. Life-vests for pets can be bought from a specialized pet.

Practical tips

Before leaving on a Houseboat holiday with your pet, it is best to take a bit of time to prepare beforehand. You can take your pet on different water vehicles before coming to Finland. Test and see how your pet reacts to being out on the water. Give you pet time to get used to this mode of transportation, to smell it and check out this new environment. Let your animal get used to wearing a life-vest by having them wear it around the house before going on holiday.

A Houseboat holiday with your pet can be prepared for beforehand, by taking extra good care of all your pet’s basic needs. It is always good to bring along extra food and water for your pet and moreover, it is best to prioritize all your pets needs right from the start.

Everyone’s holiday runs smoothly when even your pet feels safe. And when you feel calm and peaceful on the Houseboat, your pet will sense this, and feel secure.

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