On a Houseboat with children

A Houseboat is a great way to spend your family holiday with children. In a Houseboat, children have adequate space to play while the family leisurely travels along the clean waterways of Finland.


Spend a holiday with your family

Houseboat is child-friendly and safe way to spend your family holiday. Houseboat holiday is full of adventures, exploring the natural environment, and learning new skills. For children, houseboat holiday is, above all, fun and exciting way to play near the water. For adults, houseboat offers a chance to relax, get more energy and enjoy the time together.

Along the way you can find many options to do things together and share experiences! On a sunny day look for a sandy beach or a peaceful bay on the Lake Päijänne, where you can enjoy the day. Discover the nature with your family by hiking or cycling. If you look more adventures, we recommend SUP-board or kayak rental. There are also cultural attractions available for the whole family.

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The Houseboat is safe

There is no need to carry young children long distances to the beach for swimming or fishing. And children are not obliged to sit, tightly seat-belted in a hot car to get there.

A Houseboat is a safe way to spend your family holiday. Houseboats are equipped with all necessary security devices and messaging systems. The Houseboats office is always on standby to answer your questions and give any necessary advice. All Houseboat’s vessels are equipped with GPS trackers, so that even if you do not know where you are, we do, and can help you find your way back on track.

A houseboat is an extremely safe way to spend your holiday when you follow basic safety measures. Use common sense when boating. Travel quietly. Dangerous joyrides are not compatible with the lake environment.

Practical tips

Stay away from large vessels. Houseboats are extremely broad and most waves, including the wake of speedboats, are hardly noticed, but it is still best to be careful. Treat all safety equipment and navigation devices with care. They are meant to protect you and your family.

Always remember to check the weather forecast. If a storm is rising, or if the weather is generally unsuitable for boating, it is always better to stay anchored in a protected place. Remember that alcohol and water activities do not mix. Accidents are much more likely to occur if you are intoxicated.

The Houseboat staff always thoroughly checks the vessel before departure, to ensure that all equipment is up to date, and to make sure that there are correct life vests for all persons on board. Preventive preparation is always of utmost importance when travelling by boat.

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