Houseboat timesharing

Would you like to have a houseboat waiting for you in Finland every summer?

Now you can buy a timeshare for our houseboats!

With Houseboat timeshares, you can have a houseboat for two weeks every summer on lake Päijänne, lake Saimaa or in the Turku archipelago. Buying a timeshare gives you a boat without any maintenance responsibilities: The Houseboat company takes care of the houseboat’s storage, repairs, insurance and all other necessary upkeep.

Only our newest, most upscale houseboats, holding the highest resale value, equipped with first class furnishings and the most comfortable living conditions, are available for timeshares.

The price of the houseboat timeshare depends on the boat’s model, and on the number of weeks per year you would like to use the boat. On top of the price of the share, there is a small yearly fee for upkeep.

The time allotments for timeshares are set up so that each timesharer will always receive at least one of their two weeks sometime between St Johns day in June and the last week of July. The weeks for houseboat use are divided equally between the timesharers. If you would like to use the boat for more than two weeks in the summer, you can simply buy more shares. If you do not want to use your turn, you can notify Houseboat and we can offer the boat for rent for your weeks.

When the houseboat has come to the end of its life, it can be sold. This would be about eight to ten years of use, depending on the condition of the boat and the current market. When the houseboat is sold, the timesharers will receive their share of the selling price.

Save up to 40% comparing with renting a Houseboat!

The prices of timeshares:

Number of weeksHouseboat Eco-Wood 36 m2Houseboat DeLuxe 42 m2Maintenance fee/year
216 240 €20 880 €1 510 €
3 23 930 €30 770 €2 230 €
431 500 €40 500 €2 930 €
538 850 €49 950 €3 610 €

Expense comparison

For example, a two-week rent every summer (average rent price 3000€) or 2 weeks shared ownership in Houseboat DeLuxe (1 week in the middle-summer, weeks 25-34 and another in the beginning or in the end of summer, weeks 20-24 and 35-39)

20166 000€20 880€ + 1 510€
20176 000€1 510€
20186 000€1 510€
20196 000€1 510€
20206 000€1 510€
20216 000€1 510€
20226 000€1 510€
20236 000€1 510€
20246 000€1 510€
20256 000€1 510€
Total60 000 €35 980 €

All the prices include VAT 24%.

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Are you interested about our timesharing options? If yes, please contact us and we would love to tell you more about them!

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