Unforgettable houseboat routes on the Finnish lakes

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Explore the Finnish lakes along these routes, or plan your own adventure!


Conquer the lakes of Finland

Conquer the lakes of Finland-holiday offers adventures and original Finnish nature experiences for your journey! Travel within the Finnish lakes in your own pace and accommodate in a first class floating summer house.

While conquering the Finnish lakes you will experience water not only from your accommodation, but also through fishing, river adventures and sauna experiences. We offer you a chance to escape from busy everyday life to Finnish lakes and freedom of travel – be the vagabond of your own life.

Conquer the whitewater foam of the Kuusa rapids with a river adventure; walk a rope across and old log floating river, cross rapids on a cable and test your whitewater rafting skills. Catch a giant trout in the Kuusa rapids, enjoy a meal cooked on an open fire and feel the healing power of a Finnish sauna in Varjola. Conquering the lakes of Finland is the perfect way to gather strength for the year ahead.

Explore Western Lakeland

Wildlife watching, undiscovered islands, never-setting midnight sun – Lake Päijänne and Lake Keitele have lot to offer for those who enjoy the nature!

Enjoy the Finnish lakes by sailing smoothly on the calm waters. At the same time, you can enjoy the wildlife of the lakes and accommodate in a first class summer house. While sailing in the Finnish lakes you are able to explore small islands, sandy beaches and the National Park of Leivonmäki. During your journey you may stop over to get to know the small islands and villages on your way.

The untouched lake nature of Finland offers a rare opportunity to take completely off from the ordinary life and experience re-energizing with the help of the nature. Finnish lakeland has plenty of space, peace and quitness, where you can enjoy your holiday listen the calm waves and beautiful bird-singing.

Discover the legacy of Alvar Aalto

Explore the legendary architect Alvar Aalto’s production from his earliest works through to achievements in the latter stages of his career. The production of the world-famous architect Alvar Aalto, is found extensively in the Jyväskylä region.

Stay in the uniqueness of the houseboat surrounded by the lake and nature, and sail to the Lake Päijänne to explore the impressive attractions such as an Experimental house in Muuratsalo, a church in Muurame and a town hall in Säynätsalo which is considered one of the most remarkable work in Alvar Aalto’s production. You can also explore the colorful stages of the the master’s life in the Alvar Aalto Museum and tour the attraction by bike in the vivid city of Jyväskylä. Spend a cultural summer holiday with unique accommodation and attractions for your stay in the area of thousand lakes!

The sense of history in the Lakeland

The Sense of History in Lakeland-holiday offers interesting historical sites and stops for your lake holiday. While exploring the Finnish lakes, you’ll visit many historical attractions on your way.

This holiday includes a variety of historical points on your lake map – you’ll sail to see the impressive prehistorical rock paintings of Saraakallio, enjoy the historical athmosphere of Vaajakoski area and familiarize yourself with the artisan life from the 1800’s. Of course, what would an historical holiday be without museums? You’ll also be introduced to the roots of Jyväskylä region at the local central museum of Central Finland and also visit our local speciality – the Alvar Aalto museum. During your journey, you may also stop over to a beach nearby and get to know the authentic villages on your way.

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