Corporate events at lake

At Houseboat, you’ll enjoy the nature while spending a corporate event.  Listening the waves while resting busy minds will provide new ideas for your company.

How about having a meeting or a corporate event in the middle of the Lake?

During a meeting and a corporate event you will enjoy the closeness to nature. While listening to the soft sound of waves lapping at the hull of the boat and your mind is resting it is good to obtain new ideas for the organization. We offer facilities and activities for a wide range of meeting and corporate events. Nature and lake views are at the heart of your meeting or corporate event. Whether you are interested in the traditional meeting or a sauna package, we have all the necessary for the meeting and corporate event. There is the Internet connection, as well as a 40-inch flat-screen tv for the meeting in our houseboats. Space for the meetings and corporate events can be found in the Interior and the sun deck. In addition, we provide the sauna and accommodation at the end of the day. Would you like to have more activities during your day? Since we are on the waterfront, we offer a wide variety of water activities for meetings and corporate events. How about the Olympic Games in the water, where you can playfully take on each other in a measure of the SUP-boarding or kayaking. The madcaps can test the hydrospeed and for the peaceful activities we offer swimming and fishing. During the day you will also get hungry. Through our partners, we can offer lunch and dinner or small snacks.

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