Take over your surroundings by cycling!

The beaches of Finnish lakes have plenty of small paths and small roads where you can ride a mountain bike.

Cycling is also a great way to move around for sight-seeing!



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Cycling is a great way to explore varying Finnish landscape with different kinds of forests, cities and villages. They allow you to move away from the lake when you stop and discover the surrounding countryside. They are a great way to do shopping in small villages and towns  nearby. There are several bicycle routes in Finland. You can choose asphalt surface, off-roads,  recreational area or cycle nearby water. There are four different kind of bicycles to choose from. Remember to reserve your bicycle beforehand so it will be waiting for you when you arrive. Bicycles are not insured against theft so remember to take good care of them.

Bikes available

Fat bike25€/day
Mountain bike25€/day
7-gear bike25€/day

Memorable cycling routes ready for you

Cultural route of Vaajakoski

  • About 20 km; quite flat
  • Whole journey is paved light traffic road
  • Several route opportunities
  • Vaajakoski area has great places for a picnic stop-by, Naissaari area has art to see, Kanavuori has good walking routes, and Panda’s sweet factory sells fresh-made sweets and chocolate.
  • Recommended for a half-day trip
  • About 35 km, also hiking in the outdoors area of Jääskelä, quite flat
  • Almost the whole journey is paved light traffic road (starting from Kanavuori there’s better road before road 4), the ending part is grit road
  • The bikes can be left to a park behind the info board of Jääskelä outdoors area, where is also the starting point of a nature path. Jääskelä has beautiful landscapes, a lean-to and a firewood place where packed lunch can be eaten.
  • Vaajakoski has coffee break opportunities
  • Recommended for a half-day trip
  • About 42 km, also a hiking opportunity in Muuratsalo
  • Mostly light traffic roads, Keljonkangas–Muurame–Säynätsalo mostly peaceful driving roads, which can be avoided by riding to Kinkomaa and back
  • Attractions are Säynätsalo and Muuratsalo, for example a town hall designed by Alvar Aalto and the summer place of his, Muuratsalon koetalo. Muuratsalo also has nature paths and observation posts.
  • A coffee break opportunity in Säynätsalossa or in the north point of Muuratsalo in the cozy restaurant Ruokala Salo.
  • By bike or by boat 60 km; quite many hills
  • Almost whole route is driving road, completely paved
  • Visiting by bike five of Keitele–Päijänne channel’s locks, returning the same way by a Päijänne ship
  • Nice and pleasant to ride, the car traffic is quite peaceful, great rapids and lake landscapes
  • Recommended to do the whole journey in summer saturdays; mondays, tuesdays and wednesdays to Kuusaa and back.
  • Kuusaa has a coffee break place when riding a bike
  • Recommended as a whole-day trip

The rock paintings of Saraavesi and the churchyard of Hartikka

  • About 80 km, quite flat
  • About half of the route is grit road; most of the road is driving road
  • Recommended visiting places are  Saraavesi rock paintings (from letter D to the west) and Hartikka church lands and ja Kirkkoniemi lean- at Tarvaala’s Kirkkoniemi (from letter D to the north)
  • Coffee break opportunities at Laukaa, Kuusaa and Tarvaala, Kirkkonummi lean-to is a great place for eating packed lunches.
  • Can be modified in many parts
  • Recommended as an almost whole-day trip
  • About 82, quite many hills
  • The road Simunankoskentie is grit road; mostly driving road; road 9 has busy traffic
  • For most part pleasant and peaceful route; attractions are for example Simunankoski rapids, Tarvaala salon and the lake landscapes of Vuontee
  • Coffee break opportunities in Lievestuore or in Tarvaala
  • About 85 km, also hiking at the Vaarunvuori hill; plenty of hills especially in the southern part
  • Most part is driving road, completely paved
  • Visiting destination is the fine conservation area and its nature path of Vaaru
  • The hill of Vaaru provides the fastest ride in the Central Finland, 7080 km/h is not hard to reach be careful! The profile of the hill can be looked at here
  • Coffee break opportunity for example at the stopping place of Kärkisten Lossivahdissa
  • The journey can also be modified by riding from Vaary to Kärkiset area In Kärkiset you can take a ship to Jyväskylä
  • Recommended as a whole-day trip
  • By bike 125 km, also hiking in chosen areas; plenty of hills especially in the southern part
  • Mostly driving road; completely paved, hardest road to ride due to busy traffic of the road 9
  • Beautiful forest landscapes and the lake Päijänne landscapes, plenty of hills and charming villages, also magnificent nature destinations of Koskikara routeLeivonmäki national park and Vaarunvuori conservation area
  • Coffee break opportunities for example at RutalahtiPutkilahti and Kärkiset
  • Recommended as a two-day trip; Accommodation possible for example in a tent at a national park or in Kärkiset

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