, Booking

Please pay attention that our starting and changing days are Mondays and Fridays and minimum rental period in 2024 is 3 nights: Friday - Monday. In addition we can offer Saturday - Saturday rentals upon request! You can also choose any other day of the week for check in or check out instead of our regular days, but the price will be 20% higher than with check in/ check out on our regular days due to the special arrangements. All the houseboat ranges have different prices and it will depend on how long you would like to to rent a houseboat for and which time of the year. Remember to select the houseboat you are interested in. The prices quoted are per houseboat, not per person! ☸ Enjoy our special offer – 20% off on all bookings more than 7 days. ☸ Follow our news, hot offers and promo codes in instagram #houseboatfinland